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Spicy roasted chickpeas and baked matoke (plantain) chips

I remember going to an elegant champagne and dessert party one evening when I was living in Miami. I hadn’t had dinner. It was an incredible spread of desserts including the most beautiful cakes, tarts, combinations of chocolate and fruit, … Continue reading

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Potato and Pear Salad with a Curry Honey Mustard Dressing

Before I get to the recipe for the potato salad I must tell you that I have seen the cover of the new Cook to Jhoom! book and it is gorgeous! Colourful and striking yet tasteful and modern. Definitely inspired … Continue reading

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Besan Dhokla and Nutrition

A few days ago, I posted a picture of the Besan Dhokla I had made. Dhokla is a steamed cake which can be made from a variety of flours including chickpea or gram flour (besan), semolina (rawa), or a combination … Continue reading

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