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Yogurt Rice or Thayir Choru

Following on from my previous post on South Indian food and Beetroot Thoran, I present Yogurt Rice or Thayir Choru which is the perfect accompaniment to the thoran and really delicious just on its own with a little pickle. Ammini Ramachandran, author … Continue reading

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Beetroot Thoran

This is my first foray into South Indian food on the blog, Kerala to be more specific. My first introduction to South Indian food was the marvelous masala dosa while on holiday in Delhi as a child. There was a travelling … Continue reading

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Desi Spinach Pancakes

A few weeks ago I made fluffy American pancakes for Sunday brunch. They got me thinking about savoury pancakes, which then got me thinking about Indian spiced pancakes for the blog…and here we are. It’s a wonderful thing when an … Continue reading

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Spicy Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with a Yogurt-Tahini-Herb dressing

I first really noticed butternut squash when I was living in the UK. It is enormously popular in soups and sometimes in curries although I had never eaten it or cooked with it due to a lifelong aversion to any vegetable in … Continue reading

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More progress with the Cook to Jhoom book….and my favourite comfort food.

The cookbook has gone to the publishers! A few weeks ago I had a final read through of the manuscript which Shalini brought in person when she came to Kenya and did her first ever Just Jhoom! class on African … Continue reading

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I love a good Veggie Burger

I love a substantial, moist, and bursting-with-flavour vegetable/bean patty, topped with a zingy sauce or two, sandwiched in a soft wholegrain burger bun, and nestled on fresh, crispy salad greens, tomatoes and red onions. Veggie burgers have really grown in popularity and it’s wonderful … Continue reading

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Post Diwali round up and a successful Thai/Indian soup experiment!

If you were celebrating, I hope you had a lovely Diwali this year. I love Diwali; it’s full of colour, lights, friends, family, parties, presents and sweet treats. And treats they should be! This is the time of year when … Continue reading

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