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A Cook to Jhoom! Recipe published in The Guardian as the winning recipe!

On Saturday 13th April, a very popular Cook to Jhoom! recipe, the Spicy Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with a Yogurt Tahini Herb dressing won the reader’s recipe swap in none other than THE Guardian newspaper. The theme was ROAST. Here is … Continue reading

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Alternatives to sugar…and are they really healthier?

Doctors, dentists, and nutritionists have been warning us of the adverse effects of sugar for a while now. Too much sugar causes obesity (it is calorie dense), dental problems, mood swings and fluctuations in energy levels. It is also thought … Continue reading

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The Cook to Jhoom book has arrived!

The Cook to Jhoom! book has arrived and is beautiful! It can be purchased from the Just Jhoom! website Please use this method in the first instance in order to support the wonderful Just Jhoom! that made my cookbook dream … Continue reading

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Completing the first draft of Cook to Jhoom and food memories

I was so happy to complete the first draft of the Cook to Jhoom book (we are going with that, rather than Cook2Jhoom) last week. All the recipes have been tested and re-tested, the photos are done, the introduction has … Continue reading

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More Lessons….and some thank yous

Here goes Part II of my lessons in food styling and photography, though I suspect the lessons will never cease as I learn something new every time I style a shoot (oooooh, look at me, styling a photo shoot! And … Continue reading

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Apologies, queries, and lessons in food styling and photography

Apologies for the tardiness my friends! What can I say, I’ve practically camped out in the kitchen for the last 3 weeks. The clock is ticking, we are due to publish in September and I have been cooking everything again … Continue reading

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Indian….with a twist

As I write this, it is a beautifully sunny and breezy Sunday in Mombasa and I am eating a sweet corn, coconut and red pepper soup as part of the on-going recipe testing for the Cook2Jhoom book. This recipe started … Continue reading

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