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Desi Spinach Pancakes

A few weeks ago I made fluffy American pancakes for Sunday brunch. They got me thinking about savoury pancakes, which then got me thinking about Indian spiced pancakes for the blog…and here we are. It’s a wonderful thing when an … Continue reading

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Spicy Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with a Yogurt-Tahini-Herb dressing

I first really noticed butternut squash when I was living in the UK. It is enormously popular in soups and sometimes in curries although I had never eaten it or cooked with it due to a lifelong aversion to any vegetable in … Continue reading

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How to make light, fluffy brown rice, a pictorial

I will confess to being a little lazy when it comes to cooking brown rice. I don’t eat rice, brown or white, often enough to justify owning a rice cooker, I’d much rather save the counter space for other gadgets like … Continue reading

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